Saturday, September 29, 2012

Innovating the Lettuce Wraps

The one con to this delicious and convenient dish is that it's kind of messy. Which isn't really what you would expect, huh? But the lettuce leaves don't always hold the stuffing  very well and everything kind of just ends up spilling all over the plate.

Fine, I also wouldn't call myself the daintiest of eaters (insert image of Jennifer eating a California burrito here).

So I had this awesome epiphany to rip up the lettuce leaves and put everything in one big bowl instead, and WALA! Problem solved.

That's right, I can get by without being a princess eater just fine. Screw conforming to normal girl standards! Haha...ha...ha...(says the girl who orders "make up" aka burts bees off ebay).

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