Saturday, September 1, 2012

Scramblin' Egg Scramble

This first week has been absolutely cray.
I completely forgot what it feels like to be walking to and from class, and then later having to attend meeting after meeting on consecutive days. I forgot how much energy it requires. I'm so tired I can barely breathe.
these were about to go bad, oops

How did I do it last year?  Regrettably, it feels like I am starting from ground zero. Which totally sucks. Or more like, I am unaccustomed to the hectic lifestyle that I've brought upon myself at this school, because it has been an entire summer. But I do believe (AND HOPE) that I'll start getting back into that grind and feel less exhausted by the end of each day. It's not that I can't handle it, it's just I need to get used to it again.  #OPTIMISM

scrambly scrambly

So mentally? I think I am prepared and experienced (FLASHBACK-getting over sophomore slump). Even though I am feeling absolutely down in the dumps from exhaustion now, time should smooth out these wrinkles and equip me with the strength to carry me through these long busy days.

But while past experience is fueling my optimism, I need to work better at fueling my body. The physical weariness I am feeling is something that not even coffee can fix (which says something because I basically regard coffee as the fountain of youth). Not having a meal plan anymore has proven to impact my routine more than I would have predicted. Because I am on campus with a backtoback schedule, I see now that I took for granted how convenient it was to grab a quick (albeit, not so tasty) salad from GBC just around the corner. These days I am finding myself without any means of getting food between classes because I didn't pack in advance, and sometimes there isn't time to wait in line at SF Soup or Chipotle. WAHHH FIRST WORLD PROBLEMS.

Okay so yeah, it isn't that bad, at all, actually. But the bottom line is that I do need to start learning how to cook in BULK, and in ADVANCE so that I can bring food to school on the days where my schedule is most busy. Also to save me some dineros.

Urgh. Having to be a responsible, self sufficient adult. Why.

On this particular day, after a long day of classes (got off at 6pm!) a friend was nice enough to take me to Emeryville to buy the last (FINALLY) items on my furniture list of things I needed. Although I was already completely spent, this trip was absolutely necessary, so I simply had to push myself to keep going. 3 hours of wandering around giant stores and seeking employees and figuring out curtain measurements later, and I seriously felt like every single ounce of whatever is inside my body was out. the. door. I was done. If it weren't for the fabulous company, I might have just withered in the corner of the bed and bathroom section of IKEA and chosen death over life.

I'm not dramatic at all.

Point is, I finally get home after 9pm and am So I made this quick and easy egg scramble for myself and it made me feel infinitely better. You can tell just how tired I was because I didn't even bother separating my egg whites. 

Yuuum Yaaaaay Egggssss! #thattimeeggssavedmylife

YES. This is the good life. 

Difficulty: 3
Willingness to make again: 10
Over-all: 8
1. Don't let mushrooms go bad. USE ASAP.
2. Next time add some baker's tofu :3 
3. Use more than 2 eggs/spinach/mushrooms because the quantity isn't as much as it looks when you actually fry everything up. Oops. 

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