Friday, September 14, 2012

Mamaaaaaa, ooOooOOOOoooo

Having the Mom here these past few days have been absolutely marvelous. My apartment is now the cornucopia of all things food and supply related.
Come at this, Hunger Games.

But really though, I could not feel any more spoiled. Eating out, grocery shopping, more eating out, more groceries, having my laundry done, ordering a new futon, buying house hold supplies, a suitcase full of goodies from home...

It's essentially Christmas here, folks, just college edition.

Before leaving, she even cooked me two giant plates of food that fed me dinner and lunch for most of the week.

It was so easy to just pack up stir fry for lunch, and then heat up more for dinner right when I got home. I felt so taken care of, even when she wasn't here anymore.

You're the best, Moms! 


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