Friday, September 14, 2012

Amazing Avocado Linguini /[edit]

Holy...crap. I didn't know avocados could get any better, but they just did.
My thing with avocados is, they're already so amazing by themselves, that I find myself a teeny hesitant to cook with them. I could live my whole life off spoonfuls of avocados, and die a very, very happy girl. Sounds so weird coming from me, right? It kind of just feels like a typo that was actually meant to say, oh, I don't know, icecreamcupcakescheesecakebrownies?

Except not. Because avocados are the 

Still, 2 out of my 4 avocados were very soft, and so I needed to use them before they went bad. This recipe from pinterest intrigued me immeiately, and I realized today was a perfect day to make it.

The avocado makes for a deliciously creamy pasta sauce, coupled with minced garlic and some salt, and these noodles were per-fe-ction.

I didn't have lemon juice as the recipe called for, but substituted with my newly acquired rice vinegar, which worked out fabulously. I was especially careful to make sure these noodles didn't become bland the way my brocoli pasta did yesterday.

As if I needed anymore excuse to buy avocados...I can't wait to make these noodles again later this week!

Difficulty: 2
Willingness to make again: 100000000
Over-all: 9.9!
1. NO complaints here! -says Jennifer's happy tummeh

These noodles don't taste nearly as good after being in the fridge. The quinoa based noodles and avocado combine to make a weird, mushy combo. They didn't taste BAD persay, but they don't look or taste nearly as amazing as the day it is made. Good to note for the future...

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