Friday, September 7, 2012

ABC Dan Bing Burritos

One of the best ways to feel home away from Home, is by recreating recipes you grew up on. That's one of the great things about food, don'tcha think? Food can really tie so many things together: people, cultures and even memories. 

A dish that I recall with special fondness is dan bing wraps that my parents always made for me. Quick and easy, these wraps were in my tummy every morning of every weekend that I can ever remember in my San Diego home. 

What better dish to add to my list of staple college foods? 

For my version, I decided to use egg whites only (ignore the burnt piece of tortilla I dropped onto my egg)

With tortillas courtesy of the one and only TJ

My dan bing didn't turn out nearly as thin and even as the one the Parent's used to make. But that hopefully will get better with practice.

The original, more Asian version of the wrap, only includes a thin layer of lao gan ma sauce

But since my avocados were going bad, I figured I would add my own ABC spin to the wrap by putting cheese and avocado instead

But in the end, my Chinese palette was not 100% satiated and lao gan ma found its way back into my wrap again. #nostalgia #YUM

Ahhh, yes. In some ways, my childhood really does still live on

For dessert though, I decided to try something completely new. Definitely not Asian, I am not sure what type of cuisine this could be called. This might just have to fall solely in the category of  Experimental Hungry College Kid. Credits still go to Raf for the original avacado+sugar idea.

Take a very ripe avacado, mush it up, add sugar, and dice up some strawberries

And you get a very healthy and delicious dessert! It's edible, I promise!!!!

For lunch, I left out the avacado/cheese and went for the traditional wrap. Unfortunately, I put way too much lao gan ma in it and the next day my wraps were extremely oily, especially after microwaving it. But it still tasted good. 

Difficulty: 4
Willingness to make again: 10 
Over-all: 9

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