Saturday, September 29, 2012

Eggplant for Esther

This crazy, miniature, psychotic, bipolar, weird, and quirky little korean girl is my room mate from freshman year.

...I couldn't think of any more adjectives for CRAZY, or I would have included them.

But she's also one of my dearest friends. We've had a ton of great memories together, and despite being a little coocoo in the can, I couldn't live without her.

And while we're on this topic of CRAZY, can you believe this girl has never tried eggplant before this?!


Unfortunately, I made this eggplant too salty again. But other than that, it turned out great. I think it mostly has to do with that pao dou fu shiz. Just cannot get enough! And she seemed to really like it, so I guess our eggplant deflowering mission was ultimately a success! (eggplant deflowering...that's something I never thought I would ever say in my life, ever).

It was lovely having her over for dinner. Hopefully we get together and do it more often, and then she can cook me some korean foods!

Did I get the message across though that this girl is cray-zee?!

Love you BigE! -Lil J

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