Friday, September 7, 2012

PB Tofu Again

Happy Friday folks! I hope everyone has had an awesome week as I have, after all there is definitely plenty of sunshine to go around here in Berkeley.

I finally got around to making my peanut butter tofu, and I am happy to say that this time the taste/quality did not diminish in the least from when I made it at home. I think this largely has to do with the fact that I finally got my hands on some real garlic (AGAIN, THANK YOU BESTIE!). 

One substitution I did have to make though, was balsamic vinegar for lime juice/white rice vinegar. Surprisingly though, this didn't do any harm. But I'll make sure to buy some white rice vinegar this weekend when I grocery shop with the Mom.

Oh, did I forget to mention that the Mom is visiting me in Berkeley this weekend? As in, tomorrow?! It has all been very spontaneous/sudden, but I am excited nonetheless. With this good weather, I'm sure the Mom and I will find lots of fun things to do in the bay. The Cousin is finally returning from Houston this Tuesday too, so we will all be reunited again. Yay!

Fridays are the best because, with only one class, I have a lot of time to just chill out. After class, coming home, making myself lunch/dinner, and then finding time to update the blog while watching Batman. Yes, a good Friday indeed.

After this, I will need to exercise and get some work done in a cafe before coming back for some more tofu, and then kickback with the Floormates. Happy Friday indeed.

Over-all: 9
1. Next time, try cutting the tofu smaller, so that it will be easier to make it crispy
2. Add the peanuts in earlier so they have more time to tast 

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