Friday, September 7, 2012

Yogurt Pasta School Lunch Edition

True to my pact with myself, I am trying not to spend any money eating out. But I am also trying to not let myself starve on campus, and keep my body/brain fueled at all times. To do this inevitably means the return of that one thing: school lunches.

When I think of school lunches, I go back to my childhood: soggy (but delicious) bagel bites in aluminum foil, peanut butter jelly (the BEST!!) sandwiches, and overly warm yogurt in my Lion King lunchbox. As I matured, so did my lunches. Tupperware replaced ceran wrap, and left ovr Chinese food replaced my (to this day) absolute favorite sandwich. The thing with leftovers is though, when it is being heated again in a school microwave, and being eaten out of a small plastic bowl, somehow it just doesn't taste nearly as good as it does at home. Something about it is a little too soggy, or too dry, or an awkward combination of both. It's meh.

In the future, I'll have more spinach to use. Definitely a good additive to the recipe.

But here I am again, a little ol' college junior, and I am once again returning back to the basics with school lunches. It's the only way I can save money, but keep myself fueled to power through my long hours on campus. So now, when I make myself dinners, I be sure to make some extra to pack for the next day. That's my plan, anyways.

This plan debuted with my greek yogurt pasta! I figured the pasta is very leftover-friendly because it isn't too oily, and can easily be heated or eaten cold.

For dinner, I ate it fresh off the skillet. The pasta turned out good, but not as good as the first time I made it at home, because I didn't have fresh garlic or mint. Instead, I used the garlic powder and cooked the remaining spinach that wasn't spoiled.

Honestly, I significantly prefer fresh garlic to the powder. But I guess a college student can't have such high standards all the time. At least the spinach was a great substitute for mint. Mint goes bad way too fast to be worth buying for my college kitchen.

^mah lunch! I bought a cute box from Daiso especially for future lunches

Difficulty: 3 (the spinach was able to be cooked simultaneously with the pasta, which was very convenient) 
Willingness to make again: 8.5 
Over-all: 8

And okay, I also gave in and bought this adorable bowl from Daiso too. TJ mango chunks for dessert are my fav!

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