Saturday, September 15, 2012

La Note Inspired Eggs

I made myself breakfast again, which is a true sign of functional-responsible-adult-ing because I never eat breakfast.

Except maybe the day after I drink. Not that I was drinking...but if I was.


When the Mom came over, one of the places I knew I wanted to go to with her was La Note, which is a fancypants French place that is supposed to have an amazing brunch menu, and slightly higher prices.  Hehe, I'm so exploitative. Except the Mom didn't think anywhere we went was considered expensive at all-womp. College woes.

One of the dishes we had there was this really yummy goat cheese-scramble on toast, which was SO. GOOD. And frankly, easy to make at home. I mean, yeah, I wasn't going to bake tomatos and all that jazz. But eggs and cheese I can do.

So here is what I had at La Note:

And here is what I made myself for breakfast:

Okay, in hindsight, it isn't as fancy as I imagined in my head. At least not in appearance, but it did taste pretty great/fancy to me, alright? so BACK OFF, I am a fancy cat. mreow :3

I literally just bought packets of goat cheese at Berkeley Bowl and spread it on the bread. Next time, I'll do it sooner while the bread is a little hotter so it melts more. But since the egg on top was hot, it still turned out nice.

Now time to officially start my Saturday! Wooooo..........#somuchworktodo

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