Sunday, September 2, 2012

Apartment Version Veggie Stir Fry

After blowing 50 dollars on groceries at Trader Joes, I have officially decided that I will not be spending money on food for the next two weeks (MINIMUM) or more. Seriously need to curb the amount of cash flow that is leaking from my wallet these days. Ahhh, the life of a college student.

Luckily though, I have a nicely stocked refrigerator that should get me through these next couple of days without too much trouble.

For dinner, I decided to fry up my broccoli and onions before the broccoli  went bad and make a janky version of my usual stir fry.

Instead of using fresh, minced garlic, I used the power version I bought in the store. Which turned out to not nearly be flavorful enough. But until I get some real garlic from the Bestie (THANKS DAVID!), the powder will have to do. It definitely is more time efficient.

I also forgot to steam the broccoli first, and just tossed it directly into the skillet. But with enough frying time, the broccoli did end up being soft enough to my liking.

Compared to the stir fry I am used to at home, this dish pales in quality and taste. But, given the conditions-college student mode, time crunching, cooking through exhaustion, and with a more limited amount of groceries (mushrooms went bad :[ ), I'd say that this stir fry is more than satisfactory for me.

For dessert, Raf made me try some of his mashed avocado with sugar mixture. Despite not looking or sounding especially appealing, this is actually delicious! Can't wait to make some for myself when my avocados ripen. 

1. Garlic powder isn't as strong as real garlic, so be sure to apply more of it.
2. Don't have any starch in stock, so no gou qian for me. :(

And speaking of the life of a college student, after this dinner I foresee a Saturday night of nonstop studying with the Bestie. WoooOOOooooo! YOLO? 

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