Saturday, September 1, 2012

TGIF Kimchi

It's fiiiiiiiiiinally Friday. Which to me just means time to CTFO and breathe. Grandma Jen needs to REST ya'll.

So after my one and only class (12-1 EspaƱol) of the day, I headed straight home, made some food, and watched 4 episodes of Community.

No shame. Noooooo shame.

Got around to adding toasted peanuts this time, but am simply way too lazy to crush them (I MISS YOU STONE GAVEL :( ), but it was yummy. And my he bao dan turned out great too. I want to experiment with he bao dan by making it with parmesan and basil next time. ooOOOooo, faAaAnCccyyYy.  

Oh, and I am now officially out of kimchi. So I am going to have to branch out and try making some different foods. Merrrrr.

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