Monday, October 1, 2012

The Craved Red Bell Pepper Stir Fry

Ever since the Bestie came over with his home-packed lunch of red bell pepper stir fry, I was hooked. I had to make it for myself. I had to consume it with the vigor of ten trillion taste buds. And it was going to be mine.

 I had never thought of cooking with red bell pepper before, but the lunch the Bestie made was just so darn good. And that beautiful, bright red color is so enticing. 

Well, it took me freaking eons to finally get to making the red bell peppers. Mostly because...I just never got around to it.

But in the back of mind there was this voice, hushed but persistent, reminding me, bell peppers...the voice is whispering, the time will come when you will get to make the bell peppers.

And it did.

This stir fry is a Jenniginal (does this sound as clever as it does to me in my own head? Or just some bizarre Pokemon? Just nod anyways): cong, garlic, corn, carmelized onions, tofu and red bell peppers.

The dish was a success just in its combination of pretty colors alone. If only that was the standard which all successes could be based off. You failed this test, but you used FOUR colors when writing your response! A plus! HAAAAAA.....#keepdreaming

And instead of using just the typical garlic/salt/soy sauce combo, I decided to experiment with: oyster sauce, dash of rice vinegar and then salt.

The end result was pretty tasty, although I think I went overboard on the oyster sauce. Turns out, that stuff is kind of strong. But in the end this stir fry was very yummy and full of firsts.

INCLUDING, learning how to seed a bell pepper! ooOOOOOoowooOOOOOww!!

Except that it sounds a lot fancier and harder than it actually is. But I'm in on the secret now so that still kind of makes me cool (sounding).

In the end though, my bell peppers didn't turn out like the Bestie's. It's because he used meat and also bought this sweet chili sauce stuff that I didn't feel like buying. But mine turned out sweet too, in that Jeniginal way. Is that working yet? Can I just keep trying until it sounds cool or does that just make it worse? Again, maybe just nod. 

Difficulty: 4 (choppity chop chop)
Willingness to make again: 8
Over-all: 8
1. Oyster sauce = on the sweet side. Don't overuse too much!
2. 99 Ranch Market tofu = MUSHY and wet, even if you did get the "firm" kind. Maybe it's a Lost in Translation kind of thing, because somehow firm became soft and easily broken into wet, spongy bits.  Ideal tofu for the lettuce wrap dish, but not for solid tofu cubes.

^ lunch the next day! 

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