Sunday, October 14, 2012

Old School Asian Mushroom Noodles

Was smart and made a ginormous bowl of noodles that lasted me for THREE meals. Talk about good bargain?!

There isn't anything too fancy going on with these noodles, but they remind me of my childhood a little, because I was the worlds brattiest eater. (MY LIFE, IT IS A BIG BUNDLE OF IRONY. But really, anyone else noticing this trend?). I'm pretty sure if I put together a list of things I would eat back then, there wouldn't be more than...10 things. And 5 of them would be off a Mcdonalds menu.


But one thing I really liked to eat was noodles with sesame oil and soy sauce. So simple. So basic. Yet quite satisfying for 5 year old Jennifer.

Which is why 20 year old Jennifer decided to revisit this childhood classic, adding in asian mushrooms, garlic, cong, red pepper flakes, and some tofu pao.

Now I can see why the Mom didn't object to making this for me so often. For one thing, it definitely beats Mcdonalds. But it also is SO easy to make. This will be a go-to recipe for whenever I crave some Asian flavors but am simultaneously being extra lazy.


Difficulty: 3
Willingness to make again: 7
Over-all: 8
1. Add some salt: didn't this time because I knew soy sauce would be salty. But a little wouldn't hurt.
2. Add in the tofu pao earlier so it soaks up more flavor. Still liked it this time because it added a different texture though.
3. This recipe can be adapted in many ways, and can be made with any vegetables.
4. Try with some rice vinegar.

^dinner 3: added an egg on top and let the liquid yoke run into my noodles. yuuuuums!

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