Monday, October 22, 2012

Asianly Charmed Mexican Eggs

Did you know there is such a thing as Christmas in October? It is when you have tons of Asian Charm :3

So there was this one time where I went to Safeway after spending 8.5 hours studying at Philz nonstop, so my mind was clearly very cracked out, and then as I was checking out at Safeway I won a free bag of groceries.

Isn't that just the greatest story ever told? Do you want to hear it again?

But seriously guys, FREE GROCERIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is one of the coolest things that has ever happened to me! Apparently, because this Safeway reopened and is all shiny and renovated, they are doing this promotion where every hour or so they randomly pick an aisle, and whoever is checking out at that aisle gets a free bag of food! And guess which tired little asian girl just happened to be at the right aisle at the right time?

College student + free + food? Santa must REALLY have a thing for Asians this year. I somehow find myself not creeped out by that at all, because check out all these goodies I got!

-big bag of jalaepno chips
-big bag of dorito type chips
-bottle of raspberry vinegerette
-big jar of salsa
-fresh baked sour dough bread
-box of pretzel chocolate bars
-bottle of water
-bottle of italian soda
-yummy seed crackers
-reusable bag!

Say what say what, amiright?! But honestly, not trying to sound overly obnoxious (errr, more so than usual that is), but I do find myself getting free food pretty often. My current theory is that I look underfed and that is why people feel prompted to give me free food. That combined with looking like a 12 year old. But even for me, this was just too awesome.

One of the things I was worried most about though was the salsa. Because I don't have any tortilla chips and wasn't sure how else you could eat salsa. But this salsa looked so good! It is not the cheap gross kind that is basically tomato paste and water. This salsa is really fancy salsa with corn and beans added in it. I am not generally a stingy girl (I gave most of my free snacks to my friends, actually), but I REALLY wanted to find a way to use this salsa.

Then a friend suggested salsa with eggs.


SUCH a great idea.

Eggs with salsa is TOTALLY a thing, right? And I even had avocados at home too. Dice that up and mix it all together with scrambled eggs, and you have one helluva delicious breakfast/lunch/dinner. YUM!
^also added some microwaved corn of my own into this mixture

This could not have had better timing either, because this was all happening during my crazy midterm hell week. Which means no time to cook anything elaborate, but at the same time not wanting to spend ALL my money eating out on campus.

In the end, this turned out to be a very fast, easy and delicious meal that I will be eating for awhile now that I have this beautiful, big jar of salsa to use up. If only I could get a midterm grade for ability to score free food...automatic 4.0????? (wait, that totally went against the whole me trying not to be obnoxious thing. Oops, maybe we should lower that 4.0 to like, a 3.5).

Difficulty: 3
Willingness to make again: 10
Over-all: 9
1. If I want spiciness, I am going to add red pepper flakes next time. 

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