Saturday, October 27, 2012

[Guest Post] 1.5 Chinese Girls and Indian Food


For now.

Still, this post-apocalyptic week (look how undramatic I am) has been very relaxing and necessary. Things will be a lot calmer in these neck of the woods for several days at least. Hello cooking and SF excursions! Emphasis on the cooking; I need to stop ordering take out food.

^ check out Amy's super cool, colorful potatoes

The other day, my friend Amy announced that she has mastered the art of making Indian food. Which is a chorus of harmonizing angels to my ears, because that craving I've had for Indian food hasn't gone away since this summer. Considering all the Indian people I hang out with on a very constant basis (#SHENNIFER), I wonder if I can consider myself an honorary brown baby. I'll have to consult an actual Indian person on this. Also, since I don't go to Indian Flavors every week anymore, my body is undergoing serious withdrawal. Woes of a cheap college student.

^ check out this cute girl named Amy

^and some artsy chick named Maya

So on Wednesday night, I stuff a giant cauliflower into my backpack and make my way over to Amy's apartment for a very lovely dinner with two of my favorite people. I hope we do it more often, because it is a great way to unwind after a typical stressful weekday in Berks. And honestly, good food enjoyed with good people is one of the simplest joys in life (-said a hypothetical fortune cookie somewhere).

I didn't really help cook that much, I just washed and cut the cauliflower. All credits go to Amy on this one, which technically makes her my first ever official "guest" post! Exciting! Especially because she happens to be one of my foodie-inspirers and a great foodie buddy. (:

Our Indian food, while not entirely "authentic" was not only delicious but pretty easy to make! I am excited to take home my leftover cauliflower and try making it again for myself. It reminds me of my hodgepodge Indian tofu scramble, which is essentially mixed vegetables in the skillet doused in curry/cumin/garam masala. But hey, if CHOW MEIN and KUNG PAO CHICKEN gets to be a thing, then we can totally get away with this. 

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