Saturday, October 6, 2012

Anti-Seabooger Indian Tofu Scramble

Sooooo...I've been in a really weird funk these past few days.
What is a funk, exactly? I don't think there is a dictionary definition of it. But I am pretty sure falling asleep at 9:00 PM falls into the category of funk....yeah, it has been weird.

And then the weather has been sunny, super hot, takemetothebeachhot, cloudy, freezing my ass off, then weird cloudy but kind of warm hot-all in this same week. Whaaaaa-?

But back to today. I woke up at 7:30 AM, after 12 hours of very weird sleep, interrupted once at 4 am to turn off my light when I realized I left it on all night.And I woke up with this acute awareness that my life these past few days has been in this weird funk infested with seaboogers makes sense, I swear.

Being in a seabooger funk, in Jennifer-verse, means being sleepy for no reason, having zero productivity but being apathetic about it, not exercising (blaming the sudden malfunctioning of my Macbook. Thank god I am getting it back today so I can get my life back on track. FIRSTWORLDPROBLEMS; sorry I am not sorry), and trying to do homework but realizing you brought everything you would need EXCEPT the one workbook you really need to do your assignment. MEEEEERRRRRRRRRRRR-seabooger language for FML.

^this is a sea booger

 At least I am not in denial. I am trying to climb myself out of this funk and get my life back on track. The first step to doing this was to make myself some food. Which is where this new tofu scramble came from!

^this is a lobster; the opposite of a sea booger and what we must all strive to be

I wanted to be productive this morning and make myself some new food before I went to my first day of internship. This tofu scramble is inspired by this recipe and a spontaneous longing for Indian food.

As you can see though, it is a very loose adaptation. My scramble is kind of the Goblet of Fire movie to the actual Harry Potter book; still turned out good though and made me cry at the end. JK about crying at the end...of eating this scramble. I really do cry every time I watch HP4. RIP DIGGORY.

I am glad I got to use some spices that have been lingering in my pantry. I also have just been craving something new to cook rather than the same few dishes I always make. Experimenting with new dishes is always exciting (when it isn't disastrous).

My Indian tofu scramble original consisted of:
-mushed up tofu
-white onions
-carrot shreds
-green onion
-curry powder
-cumin powder
-garlic powder
-lemon pepper
-red wine vinegar
-soy sauce

I basically just put pinches and dashes of everything to taste until I was satisfied. Not everything has to be complicated to be good!

Difficulty: 2
Willingness to make again: 7
Over-all: 7.6

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