Saturday, October 6, 2012

Eggs in Holes

It is no secret that me and breakfast aren't BFFs. We're more like frenemies...I can deal with it when I randomly feel like it, but in general I always x-nay breakfast, go straight to a handful of my daily dosage of gummy bear vitamins, and book it out the door to whatever commitment I am running late for this time.
Except I've become better at trying to eat breakfast sometimes, because I think it's supposed to be good for like, your health, or I've heard...

So I finally decided this whole egg-in-hole thing. And then proceeded to hit myself in the head repeatedly for not having already done this my entire life.

It is exactly like the egg+toast combo I know and love, streamlined into one, effortless process.

This is as good as the day I discovered brushing my teeth in the shower. DON'T JUDGE, I know for a fact that Nathan Adrian does it too.

Flipping and preserving the yoke inside becomes a smidge trickier here, but I have already gotten better with practice. And this is such a quick and easy breakfast that helps me start out my day very nicely. 

Consider this me tipping my metaphorical hat (because seriously, I look horrible in all hats. It's a struggle I learn to live with every day) off to breakfast. You did good on this one, frenemy. I can respect that. 

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