Monday, October 15, 2012

Red Bell Pepper Pasta

Sorry this post is very number intensive, and less intensive on the typical JenCray-ness...I too, most definitely prefer the latter. It is serious midterm time over in these parts, and I have been chugging along practically nonstop. I am still not sure how much I plan on cooking this coming week, because I am torn between wanting to save time and save money. So even if I do come home for a quick meal, it will be really simple and not worth writing about. Oi.

Okay fine, a cute cat picture to alleviate the mood. #instantstressreliever :3 mreow

But back to my red bell pepper pasta. I figured I could recreate my butternut squash pasta, and simply sub red bell pepper for the squash and use basil seasoning instead of sage. Well...

^see how I just added my diced onion and garlic into this soupy mess?

1. Recipe would be fast and easy. Simultaneously cook pasta, roast the bell pepper, then combine and fry.
2. Red bell pepper would become soft and mushy until it turned into a pasty sauce and coat the pasta
3. Would include caramelized onions and garlic for added flavor
4. Yummy pasta
1. Recipe took a lot longer to make than planned. Turned out one of my stove tops is broken, so the entire time I thought my pasta was simultaneously wasn't.
2. Peppers DID become really nice and soft, but don't posess the same mushy qualities of squash, and therefore did not coat my pasta. I doubt any length of time roasting would have let them get to that point, and I roasted them for a long time.
3. Should have fried up the garlic+onion first/simultaneously in another pan, instead of adding it to my roasted bell pepper. Hard to do since I only have one skillet...maybe I could...get another skillet?
4. *GOOD* added a cup of the pasta-cooked water into my roasting skillet, giving my pasta more flavor I think (read it in a lot of pasta recipes). Maybe if I cook my pasta first, I can use only pasta-cooked water to roast my peppers from the get-go.
5. Yummy pasta-but it actually tasted better COLD later on. Maybe this pasta needs to sit first to let more flavors soak in.

I wouldn't say this recipe was disappointing, per say. And I'm pretty invested in trying it again since I have more peppers on hand, and I think I can make it pretty good.

Difficulty: 6
Willingness to make again: 10
Over-all: 7.5
1. I seasoned this pasta with salt and basil. Maybe look up complementary spices and add that as well (rosemary?) Flavoring is esp important because I am not eating cheese for awhile and have none in my fridge.
2. Again, either eat it cold or let it sit for a bit before eating.

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