Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Peanut Butter Jelly Cookies of Death x2: A Beautiful but Sinful Modification


This is what rock bottom must feel like.

Like 9 cookies being engulfed alone, in your kitchen, at 11:30 pm.

I can't believe I just shared that. Please do not judge me. I already sort of hate myself.

Am I the only one who also finds this mouth watering as well? Yes, just me? Then I'll just take...that...and hideinacornertoeatitbymyself. CIAO~

Remember when I made those peanut butter fudge cookies of death that one time and practically morphed into a baby killer whale?

Well, as they always say: become a baby killer whale once, shame on you.
Become a baby killer whale twice.....jesus christ....WHYYYY did I not heed my own advice? *shoots self*

Because, as I mentioned in that past post, I wanted to remake these cookies with jelly, that's why. And I finally did it.
And now I am going to sound like a bi-polar hypocrite. But o-my-GAWD what a beautiful idea. They tasted amazing. Phenomenal. SEN-sational. OUT OF THIS WORLD DELICIOUS. mMMMMMmm mmMMmm MMM. I die.

Zero regrets. Baking with jelly is the next. big. thing. people, you heard it here first. It is simply the best.

Just the right amount of sweet. Soft without being overly gooey. Delicious granola crunch. Warm gooey jelly. Perfect peanut butter flavoring.

Hey, hey, you....JELLY....right now?

Over-all: 9.9
Willingness to make again: ...... *
1) Since I was low on oats, I used some of the Mom's healthy cereal to make up for it. BEST IMPROVISATION EVER. The cereal was delicious and added more crunch than the oats would have alone. 
2) AGAIN, did not put enough jelly on top. I keep forgetting that that shiz spreads like no other. GUHHH, should have learned the first time with the chocolate sauce. STUPID STUPID STUPID.

You can see from these two photos how unattractive the jelly looks post-baked, because I didn't add enough :( 

But the important thing is that it still tastes like a million angels singing in your mouth

* So, here's the thing. While I really do have no regrets on my epic consummation of love with these beautiful, sinfully glorious cookies, it did serve as a wake up call. I may have a problem. With sweets. And eating them at a rate that will shoot me straight into obesity with zero pit stops. And it's sad because now I just want to bake with jelly every day of my life. And then eat it for the rest of my life. But I think I am going to go on a baking hiatus for awhile. Because who am I kidding? "Sharing my sweets with my co workers and friends lalala I am so nice!" really translates into...well...eating 9 cookies straight out of the oven at 11:30 pm. Sigh.

Here you can see me a fatty little asian girl noming on cookie batter with chopsticks. Oh wait, that's me.

So from now on I am going to try to distract myself by finding extra bombdiggity savory recipes. These are more useful to me anyhow because I need basic sustenance to survive when I go back to school, not cookies and more cookies (sadface) (being a responsible adult sucks).

TL;DR: Jennifer the baker is currently on hiatus after a (orgasmic) unfortunate incident. Please leave a message while she drowns in her own tears, after the beep. 


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