Friday, July 27, 2012

Birthday Bakesplosion!-Rice Krispies AND Mini Cinnamon Bites

So...about that...baking hiatus...thing...

BEFORE YOU JUDGE, just, hear me out. I can explain. It's not what you think. 

Unless you are thinking that I spent three hours baking copious amounts of sugary, buttery, artery clogging sweets while simultaneously clogging my arteries by eating them as I baked. 

But here is the thing, it's my birthday this weekend. I'm turning the big TWO-OH. Twenty. Veinte. Er shi-no longer a teenager-sui.  And this year I am celebrating in New York! Woohoo! 

Okay fine, turning 20 is another one of those insignificant birthdays. Like turning 17, or like Kelly Roland from Destinys Child (sorry but not really). But the way I see it, my 20th birthday is essentially the pregame to my 21st, so why not do it Big. Why not live every day like it's our 21st? Because we would die of alcohol poisoning? Say wah? 

Once again, I will be staying with the Kamen in his apartment. And I wanted a way to outwardly thank him and his room mates for lending me a crash pad and for always supplying me with certain liquids, so that I don't get thirsty. Yeah. Hence the massive baking spree. Hence me making not one, but TWO awesome desserts. After all, I am baking for three boys. And again, the theme here is doing everything Big, capish? 

So cast your judgmental eyes away.  Just because I am turning 20 does not mean I am turning into a more responsible, mature adult who actually follows through on certain promises. SSShhhhh...


Doesn't this just

Rice krispies are the best because they're so easy to make, and finally got me to use up all the marshmallows we had in the house. Only too bad because now I am just going to buy another box...and another box...and another...because these rice krispies are too yummy and too easy not to make. And since they don't require added sugar, they're just the right amount of sweet that doesn't make you feel sick. AKA you can eat this stuff forever. AKA I am a hippo. 

And then melt it with butter, and it becomes even more...right.



Then proceeded to melt some chocolate 

And dump it on top, in keeping things RIGHT

Followed by sprinkles, in keeping things birthday themed

I did leave some of it chocolate-free, for the less-sweet-inclined (cough the Parents)

And after letting them sit, I cut them up into squares. Cute and YUM. 

Happy birthday to me indeed

Willingness to make again:
Over-all: 9.5
1) The chocolate on top is pretty dang sweet. For non-birthday related occasions, I would stick to either a thinner layer of chocolate or just not having any. For a teeny pinch of added sweetness, just toss a itty bitty bit of sugar into the melted marshmallows. 


Oh boy, oh boy, did I do something right. 

These mini cinnamon bites have restored my faith in my mini muffin pan, after the brownie mishap. And the base recipe for these mini muffins is awesome: they rose properly (I think I am getting better at estimating how much baking powder is necessary), slid off the pan easily, and even let me finally use some nutmeg. Which tasted delicious. 

Since I am still obsessed with my jelly, I decided do experiment by filling half of the mini muffins with a chunk of jelly.
I filled the bottom, plopped in some jelly, and then put more batter on top. Like a sandwich.

Post-baked, you can see the jelly peeping out

Cross-section: DEEEElicious! Jelly can do no wrong, my friends. 

So what makes these cinnamon bites isn't the actual muffin itself, but the glaze you make to go on top of it. 

Now, brace yourselves folks, this is one of those things that separates true bakers from the faint of heart:
No your eyes do not deceive you, that is indeed butter, sugar and cinnamon. 
Sometimes, you just got to do what you got to do.

Melted together to form a delicious, sweet glaze

(Feel free to note the Batman episode in the background) 



Here you can see my first batch, post baked, without the glaze 

And this is after taking a little swim

In my second batch I performed another experiment, being the scientist I am 

Where I dumped a whole bunch of jelly directly on top, for kicks and giggles

Which resulted in this. I still ate it. The end. 

Willingness to make again: 10 (SO GEWD)/ -10 (MY JEANS...!) 
Over-all: 9.9 
1) Not sure why these did not brown out like in the picture, but they were definitely baked for just the right amount of time
2) I am going to use this base muffin recipe in all future muffin endeavors! It can easily be modified by adding chocolate chips, bananas, blueberries, etc. Oh boy...

EDIT: OHMYGOD these tasted EVEN BETTER the next morning because all the glaze soaked in. KILL ME, bydrowningmeintheseminimuffins, NOW. 

In conclusion, I have made myself, and some boys very, very happy.

Embarking on NY adventures part 2 in T-minus 3 hours! Weeeeeeeeee!

TL;DR: IT IS MY BIRTHDAY and I am going to New York and I wish to not become a hippo.

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