Friday, July 13, 2012

Continuing the Obsession: Potato Chip Torta and more Greek Yogurt Inspirations

I came across this torta recipe while looking for more ways to use greek yogurt. I never knew (and still...don't really know...) what a torta is, but from the looks of it it kind of just resembles a fancier way of making eggs that involves a dallop of greek yogurt.

Fact: Eggs are any college student's number one friend.

Fact: Me? Greek yogurt? Star Crossed Lovers? Yes, that is still a thing.

Thus: This recipe was beckoning me.

You can see the potato chips inside

I also have this bag of chips in my house from when I wanted to make potato chip cookies, just so I could say that I've tried potato chip cookies. (this might still happen sometime in the near future). So for once, I had ALL zee ingredients I needed in my house.

fancy scrambled eggs???? ssshhhh

This recipe came together really fast (15 minutes tops?) and easily, which was great because I had a very long and crummy day at work. Blarg...I hate having adult problems. At least this successful dish, paired with some more Batman Beyond episodes (shamelessly ob-sessed) cheered me up loads.

But anyways, the only thing that went wrong was I completely failed at keeping my eggs together into one solidified form, but I did try really hard not to make them scrambled. So what I got was this...amorphous...blob...type thing.

Meet my Mr. Blob 

Meet Mr. Whatitwassupposedtobe (womp)

More importantly though, it tasted good. And the chips in the eggs tasted REALLY good. They got all nice and soft, and added a very special texture into the eggs, promoting them from hangover-ketchup-and-eggs to something a little more gourmet, especially in college standards. 

And of course the greek yogurt topping was just perfect. Absolutely perfect. I'm officially obsessed.

Difficulty: 1
Willingness to make again: 10! -going to try again tonight, this time keeping the form together
Over-all: 9

1) I  had no idea what to do with the chips, which the recipe specifically mentioned to not break when mixing with the eggs. I took care not to break the chips, but then I did a bad job of having them layered within the egg. Oops, need to have better ratios next time.
2) Might try adding garlic into my eggs. Not sure if that is a thing or not, but I really like garlic.

Also, since I was still hungry after my little egg dish (if you know me, then you aren't surprised), I busted out some of the Dad's dou jiang, which is this really yummy and salty concoction that I like to eat with noodles.

But when I say salty, I mean seriously, seriously salty. I couldn't eat it without pairing it with a tortilla, to counteract the heavy NaCl action, and even then it was still too salty. Then...DING, I was inspired! I put some greek yogurt in the tortilla and ate that with the dou jiang, and MYOHMY guys, this tasted awe-some-tastic. I'll never be able to eat it any other way again. 

I have this theory that greek yogurt tastes amazing in a great number (if not all) of savory combinations. It was just tricking my brain this entire time because it's found in the yogurt section and acts like it should be something sweet. 

So glad I know better now. Soooo glad. 

TL;DR: Greek yogurt is still awesome. Eggs are always awesome. Eggs+greek yogurt+POTATO CHIPS = rocket-ship of awesometastic explosions blasting into space.  

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