Friday, July 20, 2012

Mushy Brownies

For reals though. Who messes up chocolate, butter, flour and sugar?

This girl, that's who.

Okay, okay. So the brownies still tasted great (Again, chocolate with butter and sugar? Not rocket science), but for some reason they stuck to the mini muffin pan and would. not. come. out. And they were not very solidified at all, forming more of a mushy, mashed-potato type brownie. So I may or may not have downed six of them, at once, straight up out of a spoon. 

melting things

Yeah, I  don't know why I am not obese (yet) either. 

When baking in general, I don't know what I enjoy more: licking off the batter, consuming the baked good straight out the oven in all its gooey hotmess glory, or actually waiting the next day when everything is cooled down and solidified before tasting what the baked good is actually supposed to taste like.

These are all Jennifer questions.

And I don't know about you, but when it comes to brownie batter, I will lick that goodness until my tongue falls off that is how magnificent that stuff is. It must be the stuff of Unicorn blood or some other fantastical shiz. I'll call it a theory in progress.

Difficulty: 3.5
Willingness to make again: 5-6 (need to fix the sticking problem, merr. Also the over-consumption gave me a sweet overload and I feel like brownies and I need a little time off from each other. It's a hot and cold kind of relationship)
Over-all: 7.5 (minus points for not being solidified)

1) The brownies were pretty mushy and fudge-y. Sometimes I prefer mine to be a little harder/less richly intense. Maybe bake longer? Says the girl who ate six of them straight out the oven.
2) Substituted cocoa powder with my leftover ghiradelli hot chocolate powder. I think it's pretty much the same thing, and I'm happy I found a use for that powder because I don't see myself being able to make like, 200 cups of hot cocoa in the next coming years.
3) Maybe less sugar though because the ghiradelli powder might have been sweeter than normal cocoa powder. And then the truffle chocolate added extra sweetness too.
4) Stupid Jennifer, why did you pour sprinkles into brownies?? No. Just no.

Oh oh, okay. Favorite thing? Sitting at the table, licking batter off all the bowls and utensils (hey guys...I am being anti-wasteful...) and watching Batman Beyond while waiting for whatever is baking to be done. 

Aaah, being a #fatboy opens the door to so many simple pleasures in life.


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