Saturday, July 7, 2012

Unwasteful Pizzas

Last night I made some more pizzas again. Not the innovative, creative, mix fruits with cheeses kind of pizza (that I still want to make!), but the it's-after-work-and-we-have-too-much-parmesan-cheese-that-will-go-bad kind of pizza. Meh, it isn't always easy to be an inspired cook after another 8 hour day in the office.

This time we just threw on some typical toppings: (we didn't have onions...sad face!!)
-tomatos (for the Parents, not me)
-bell peppers
-used up the last of the pesto sauce (yay, didn't over-use it this time)

Couple of notes:
1) Parmesan doesn't really melt, so it isn't the best on pizza (oops). It tastes good though, just not as optimal as the other cheese. Will try to use the rest of the parmesan in some other recipes instead.
2) The Mom bought a different crust-base and we all decided it was better. It was a little more thick, but still considered thin crust.

dad's DISGUSTING spam pizza. Ugly looking and tasting; I absolutely detest spam

My pretty veggie pizza, you can see how the parmesan started browning on the top

This "bing" actually let us have a crust to our pizzas! 

Eating pizza with chopsticks...why...

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