Monday, July 9, 2012

GREEK WEEK 3: Yogurt-based Pasta "Finale"

I love surprises. Surprise endings, surprising quirks...if you find a way to defy my expectations in a pretty major way, then you have my attention. And tonight, this greek yogurt pasta commanded all my attention, from the moment I first tasted it, to now, and tomorrow, and maybe forever. 

Holy...moly, this pasta is a game changer alright.


This pasta has turned me and greek yogurt from frenemies into star-crossed-lovers. Now, I can't stop won't stop refuse to ever stop cooking without greek yogurt. That doesn't mean every single dish I make is going to have greek yogurt in it, but it does mean I will probably always have a tub on hand in my refrigerator. (That's why I put "finale" in quotes in my title. Because this, my friends, is a sweet and beautiful beginning)

pre-mixed; lookin' fancy shmancy for the camera

 Seriously, who knew that greek yogurt tastes absolutely phenomenal as a part of a savory dish? How counterintuitive, don't cha' think? But mixed with some garlic and herbs, and all the sudden that bitter, tear-inducing poison taste becomes something you are licking off your plate. It's pretty great.

It also makes you really appreciate the power of flavors. I for one, am simply blown away. Blown. Away. 

And another win? This pasta is so. easy. to make. As in, I was done with the sauce before my pasta even came to boil, that's how easy it was.

The yogurt sauce

Willingness to make again: 10! -I am buying yogurt tomorrow so I can make it again
Difficulty: 1
Over-all: 8.5
The parmesan adds an amazing extra texture
1) I previously mentioned I was low on the yogurt, so I had to do a lot of guestimating. One major problem is that I think I made too much pasta in proportion with the amount of yogurt-sauce I had. The fact that it still turned out this good makes me really happy. But I am going to make it again with the appropriate amount of sauce-to-pasta ratio next time, because I know this will probably make it EVEN better

2) Finally found a better way to use my parmesan too, WIN #3! This dish is on fire! But frealsies, parmesan on pasta = yum yum yumsicles all around.

3) After boiling the pasta, my dad told me to wash it with cold water...turning all my pasta cold. Womp. It actually did taste good as a cool pasta dish (esp. since it is 85+ outside), but I am going to keep my pasta warm next time and see how it tastes with the cool sauce on top.

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