Friday, July 20, 2012

Debbie Downer's Peanut Butter Noodles

You know how I got to spend my Wednesday evening? Walking through pouring rain. And thunder. And lightening. In my totally not waterproof sandals and a romper.

BLARG is right my friends. Blarg indeed...

And as if that wasn't bad enough, I had the worst lunch ever. I basically had a lettuce and guacamole (READ: green paste) "sandwich" (atrocity) from Subway (satan's love child). Wasting a precious meal on something as  disgusting as ^that, is just down-right tragic. It gave me the moops. It made me sit dramatically at a windowsill and stare absently into the rain, existentially questioning my life and who I am in the universe.

Haha, just kidding. But not about the moops.

Okay, now I know this is the part where the sun miraculously starts shining through the clouds and I pull a rainbow out of a unicorn's butt, and everything goes from Greek Tragedy to My Little Pony. But I am afraid I am going to have to disappoint.

Because the peanut noodles I tried to make for dinner did not turn out all that great. What can I say? My life ain't a movie folks. Sometimes bad days conclude with bad endings.

Wow okay, in hindsight, I realize I am being kind of a drama queen. But if you must know, my life revolves around two core pillars: weather and food. Mess with both, and you are almost guaranteed to be able to write a soap opera about me. 

Fine, ONE bright side: the peanut sauce is really yummy and easy to make. The main issue was that we didn't have enough peanut butter, so we didn't have enough sauce in ratio with the amount of noodles we cooked. Resulting in really bland noodles...moops.

Willingness to make again: 8 (I want to keep making the sauce, but put it on TOFU) 
1) the recipe said the veggies should be added raw, but the Parents were very vocal in insisting it would have tasted better if they were cooked. So will do that next time for sure.
2) the Dad taught me a cheater's method to toasting peanuts: put them on a plate with oil and microwave it. *
3) the sauce will probably be better next time when we have more peanut butter. 

*Only guess what guys, turns out this walking disaster isn't the only one who makes mistakes in the kitchen. Because look what the Dad did:

HAHAHA. THAT ^right there is the rainbow out of my unicorn's butt. 

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