Monday, July 16, 2012

Pancakes but actually Crepes on Bastille Day

Happy Bastille Day! Not really sure why any of us should care about French Independence, (call me an uncultured swine), but for some reason Harvard Square does. So later today I will be celebrating on behalf of our snail eating friends by going to this Bastille Dance Party Festival Schindig Thing. Honestly, I'm just in it for the potential good food.

Chocolate truffle chips happened again. My chopping skills are improving!

But anyways.

So I tried to make these chocolate banana pancakes for breakfast, but ended up making crepes. Is this a common occurrence for most people? No, just me?  

Normally us Asians are pretty anti-gizmos in the kitchen, but the blender is my exception. I didn't want the batter to be chunky 

Basically my pancakes did not rise at all, despite putting in the specified amount of baking soda/powder and eggs. So instead of fluffy pancakes, I had a slightly thicker crepe on my plate.

So I started off being a stupid person and putting my chocolate chips on top of the batter

Then I became a normal person again and realized I should pour all the chips into the blender so that they would be mixed thoroughly into the batter. #winning

Not that there is anything wrong with chocolate loaded crepes, mind you. But after thinking about it, I've come up with two potential rooms for this error:

1. Our bootleg Korean flour that I keep using because I refuse to buy normal flour, out of laziness and cheapness.
2. Substituting sour cream with Greek yogurt

So that was kind of a bummer.

But topped with Canadian maple syrup, loaded with our truffle chocolate, and they still tasted pretty good. I have left over batter, so I am going to purposely fry them nice and thin, load up on  strawberries and intentionally make them into crepes later.

AND JUST IN TIME FOR BASTILLE DAY! Maybe this was no coincidence...

Difficulty: 5 -had some minor blender problems (READ: spilled milk everywhere because I forgot to screw on the bottom part of the blender #jenniferproblems)
Willingness to make again: 5 -I really do want to make fluffy pancakes if I ever get the chance, but maybe I will just make crepes from now on
Over-all: 7

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