Friday, July 13, 2012

So I made Strawberry Soup

I am intrigued by interesting contradictions, both in real life (especially people) and recipes. Along the lines of potato chip cookies, things like blue-velvet cake, or BROCCOLI PUDDING (jk that isn't a thing...I don't think) are immediately saved in my recipes folder for keeps. Call it the hipster in me, I don't know.
That's all the ingredients it took!

So it isn't surprising that I nearly jumped with joy when I saw this peach ginger bisque recipe. Not just because of its  obvious out-of-the-box appeal, but when I read the recipe it was just too easy NOT to make. The only ingredient I was missing...was the peach. But my seemingly infinite supply of strawberries would suffice for me!

But it didn't just end there.

I had this vision where I am making strawberry ginger soup. And with that soup is a delicious, warm, cheesy blueberry dip (yay for more recipes that sound weird but are actually amazing) that goes on top of some freshly toasted french bread. There may also be some delicious cold fruity salad involved, if I want to make a full out meal.  Or a fruity salsa we will put on our toasted, leftover bing. And for breakfast that day I will have made banana sour cream pancakes. There may even be some blueberry muffins involved. (the possibilities are endless!)  And I would be wearing my watermelon shirt, and the Cousin would be wearing that cute fruity Urban Outfitters dress, and she would have probably made us some fruity sangria. The sun would be shining outside, and it would be an awesome, fruit-tastic day.


There's just one thing. Er, three.

1. The Cousin isn't here anymore. And I am pretty sure she returned that cute dress.
2. The Parent's definitely do not have the adventurous palette that would want to try these fruity concoctions
3. Thus, my fruity adventures would have to be enjoyed solo. Which violates the innate laws of fruity themed days, I would think. 

Blending process part 1: it is loud and chunky 

Regardless, I did decide to whip together this bisque, just because it is sooo easy and sounded refreshing. The Parents kept stubbornly trying to call it a smoothie, which miffed me off. Just because it is easy and uses a blender doesn't mean it can't be fancyshmancy and referred to as bisque. C'mon guys, even I want to wear the fancy pants once in awhile.  

The blending process part 2: getting there 

However, I will admit that when the Mom froze hers over night, it tasted pretty darn good the next day as a make-shift popsicle/sorbet type thing (but I still want to call it bisque...sue me) 

The ginger and mint added great flavor to the strawberries, but luckily the honey keeps it from being too tart from the yogurt. 

Willingness to make again: 5 -honestly, I don't see this being a staple food item, but it's just so flippin' easy to make. I'm definitely half and half on this one. 
Over-all: 7.5

Drinking this tricked me into feeling classy, as opposed to my usual, shlumpy self. Pinky's up, ladies! 

It's not that the soup tasted bad, but I will admit it was pretty adventurous even for my palette. As the recipe promised, it was definitely a cool, refreshing soup. But I think my mind is still set on soup being a warm, hangover comfort type of cuisine. The extremely weirded out vibes the Parents were giving off was not helping either...

1) I think next time I will just buy popsicle sticks and make these into a frozen treat instead.
2) Be generous with the honey, because it does get pretty bitter

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