Sunday, August 5, 2012

Bronze Olympic Omelettes

Raise your hand if you are watching the Olympics, woooo! And now raise your hand if watching the Olympics stresses you out like no other. Whaaaat? But seriously.

Why am I stressed out by the Olympics? Is it because the NBC broadcast is simply the absolute worst? Or maybe because the events are often being showed while I am at work and cannot watch. Maybe the fact that the live-game and the broadcasted game are at different times so you get spoiler results. And what about those ridiculous montages that NBC keeps showing? Uhm, ALL. OF. THE. ABOVE. (this pretty much says it all)

But then things like this happen

Congrats on the gold medal in 100 free from CAL ALUMN Nathan Adrian! Urgh, why don't all Cal boys look like you???? And why didn't fate let us fall in love with each other while you were still on campus?? Sigh/Iwantyou

And I forget what there is to complain about. 

Wait so what was my point about all this again? Er......[INSERT SMOOTH, COHERENT TRANSITION]

So I made omelettes last night. Omelettes with spinach, mushroom and onion stir fry inside. And then some cheese.

You know, eggs are supposed to be the easiestpeasiest things to cook,  right? But these omelettes actually gave me some difficulty.Are we surprised at this point? No, we sadly are not. 


The issue was the omelette part. I made them way too thick and was very rushed, trying to multitask making the eggs while stir frying the massive amounts of veggies at the same time. The omelette also tore while I was flipping.  And at the last minute I realized I was forgetting salt, and crazily began adding salt to all the veggies and egg. Clutch! Bad execution on my part, 0.5 deduction for sloppiness. 


BUT, add 2.0 in difficulty level because I learned how to separate egg whites and made my omelette without any of the yellow. I messed up twice, but over-all it went pretty smoothly. 


Albeit feeling very stressed out and rushed, I did maintain a semblance of calm, pull through with the dish, and serve dinner in a timely manner. Which I think shows my improvement from throughout the summer. 


And the vegetables did taste good, because I made sure to caramelize the mushrooms and onions very well before adding the spinach. Along with the thickness of my omelettes, this meal was very filling. 


I can see how, when cooking for one, making an omelette is a quick, easy, and tasty option. But when cooking for four, its difficulty level increases ten fold. 




Difficulty: 6 (when cooking for 4 people) / 3 (when cooking for yourself)
Willingness to make again: 10 -Omelettes and I are going to become very good friends during school...I shall perfect this recipe soon, I'm sure. 


If I had to, I would give my omelettes Bronze. They weren't China-Diving level, but they didn't tank in a US Men's Gymnastics fashion. Either way, they were good enough for me. 

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