Saturday, August 25, 2012

Choco-Cran-Maple Rice Krispies

What. Just. Happened?

Is this how J.K Rowling felt, when she realized she had created a series that would define a generation? Or how Flemming felt, after accidentally discovering vaccination, thereby creating one of the greatest contributions to science and man-kind?

Because the entire time, the only thing going through my mind is, is this real life. 

But like, actually, can chocolate frosting, rice krispies, cranberries, and maple syrup constitute real life?

Either I am an absolute genius, or my stupidity transcends the realm of this reality and into the unknown.

And now to end my build up of suspense and set the stage for what it is I am talking about:

11:00 PM. La cocina de Jennifer.
I start baking a cake for a friend's birthday. For this, I realized I would need lots and lots of frosting, which I created by using all of the cream cheese I had left in the house. I figured in the case of chocolate cream cheese frosting, more, not less, is definitely more. Catch my drift?

Fast forward 3 hours. It's 2 am. I have a beautiful chocolate cake cooling down on the counter, and half a bowl of un-used chocolate frosting. I am physically weary, but emotionally high on the success of my cake. I am the baking queen.

So what to do with this frosting? Leave it here, and figure it out the next day? Somehow my newly invigorated baking senses would not let this be so. What about another batch of cupcakes? But that had already been done before, and somehow my arteries would not let that be so.

Then my mind snagged on an idea. A crazy, completely random idea, born out of complete thoughtlessness and tiredness that is only achieved at 2 am. My hand reaches for the bag of rice krispies...I pour the bag into the frosting bowl...and the rest, as they say, is history.

^ruh roh. so much left over frosting!

Chocolate rice krispies. Why not? That's not so outside-the-box, is it? By this point I am completely uninhibited by the typical worries and restraints that plague us on a daily basis. I'm purely a possessed, sleep deprived creator.


2:30 AM: I have mixed all my rice krispies in with the chocolate frosting, with my hands. But even that isn't enough. I add some cranberries, for extra texture and extra sourness. Pour in maple syrup, to give it another flavor and cohesiveness. Genius, my friends, Geeeeeeenius. Queue in singing of zee angels.





I used my cupcake pan so that my "krispie treats" would solidify, and finalized my creations with a dollop of whip on top. Ta-daaaaaaa! I know, right? IS THIS REAL LIFE!?


Epilogue: the next day the treats taste pretty great. The krispies were not as crunchy because they were covered in chocolate all night, and they got a teeny bit crumbly, although you were able to eat them out of the pan. I thought these tasted awesome, especially considering it was a spontaneous-2-am-experiment-pulled-out-of-the-butt kind of thing. Ya'know, EN-BEE-DEE.

In the aftermath, I still am not quite sure what it is exactly I created. Some type of hybrid, choco-cran-maple-rice krispy of some sort. Ha, that sounds like the name of my future indie band. Try saying that 3 times fast.

And in conclusion, these are definitely one of the funnest creations I have made to date!

Difficulty: 1?
Willingness to make again: 0/ N/A: even though these were awesome, it was only in a spontaneous kind of way. Honestly, these treats aren't something I plan on adding to my daily menu of sustenance.
Over-all: 7, but *10 for spontaneity and improvisation greatness.

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