Monday, August 27, 2012

I'd Make a Sandwich for *Her*

Due to a whirlwind of rapidly changing events, it has been officially decided that the Cousin is staying an extra year in the bay area before going back to MIT, with MOI! Yay!

Although she is still apartment hunting and transitioning, I've been seeing a lot of her around lately, which is always the bees knees. And from now until Wednesday, she will be crashing in my apartment before taking a short trip back to Houston. 

Thankfully, school isn't deathly intense yet (whew), so we have time to enjoy each other's company. If there is anything better than JenJennyTime, it's JenJennyTime in Cali. Freals.

Nowadays I can't even distinguish whether we are cousins or seestars. 


So I made her a sandwich.

Sandwich = Love. 

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