Sunday, August 5, 2012

Triple Threat Cupcakes: Chocolate, Sprinkles and PBJ

Once upon a time, there was a girl who randomly became obsessed with making cupcakes. Cupcakes held her brain hostage, and she couldn't stop thinking about them. It was like her brain was going cupcakescupcakescupcakescupcakescupcakes nonstop. She was inspired; ideas were sprouting left and right: chocolate flavor... jelly filled...peanut butter frosting! Cream cheese frosting...cream cheese frosting with sprinkles...truffles...(oh my!)

Game. Over.

Knowing she had no choice, she acted upon these cupcake-impulses that night. It was then that she realized she had an obligation, not just to herself, but to society at large, to recreate all her brain's envisions into reality...

I wonder who this lovely heroine is? Har har har.

Simultaneously watching the Olympics with the Parents, I used this base recipe for the cupcakes, except this time I was able to use a real cupcake pan! Thanks Ma!!! I officially hand in my resignation from the kiddie pool and formally request to be granted access into the big leagues. Thank you very much.

Not wanting a repeat of last time's near diabetic episode, I carefully adapt my ingredient measurements so that I didn't end up with 24 extra cupcakes and 240 extra pounds of fat. It says online that a mini muffin tray holds 4x more than a regular cupcake pan, so I adjusted accordingly, using my superb, unworldly mathematical skills. (For those who know me...L-O-L) Sadly, originally wanting to make 3 cupcakes, I ended up with 9.....oops....but NOT because of a math error, mind you. And at least 9 < 12.

By the time I started to actually bake, I had already been obsessively thinking, googling, and mapping out my plan of execution for the past 4 hours (while, of course, being ridiculously productive in the office. Who do you think I am!?)

I was going to make my batter and separate it 3 ways: one for chocolate, plain, and plain with sprinkles.

Then I was going to make two different frostings- cream cheese and peanut butter.

(peanut butter...and more butter,  oh joy) 

(cream cheese, butter and honey substituted for sugar)

Real talk, one of the main reasons I became obsessed with making cupcakes is because of frosting. I wanted to frost until I dropped. And spoiler alert: it's just as fun as you think it's going to be.

Again, L-E-G-I-T? 

Yes, this made me feel legitsies indeed

What I didn't plan on: running out of milk. So I used my gross sugarless pudding+H2O again. The batter then took on a more viscous texture, becoming thicker than the last time I used this recipe.

On the opposite spectrum, my peanut butter "frosting" likened to more of a glaze than a thick coat of frosting. I had a good time licking clean You can see it spilling over te edges, unable to solidify the way the cream cheese frosting did. Refrigerating the cupcakes overnight solved this problem.


You can see the peanut butter cupcake post-refrigerated, the glaze solidified as a thin layer on top

Difficulty: 8 
Willingness to make again: 5 (special occasions only, now that I got it out of my system) 
Over-all: 8.5 
1) PB frosting should be built off the cream cheese frosting recipe next time to make it thick 
2) The truffle in the center was ingenious, but also too sweet. Use half of a truffle or a less sweet chocolate next time 


It's funny because leading up to these cupcakes, I was completely possessed. But after spending the entire night slaving over these little beauties, I am surprisingly at a loss of words to write about them. (Me? Not having much to...say!? Who is this alien and what has she done with the real Jennifer) I think this may be one of those instances where a picture is worth a thousand words. So I will just conclude my post with a jumbo-thousand words, in the form of these: 

This was my jelly filled cupcake, which rose much more than the others

Here you can see my sprinkles cupcake. Sprinkles=confetti version of fun&happiness, wippee!

Chocolate with the truffle center, ooOOo baby




Next day: nice and solidified. Yay

Yep, I think that pretty much says it all.

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