Thursday, June 21, 2012

Zesty! Vegetarian Stir-Fry

I deliberately put the word "Zesty" in front of the title to make my stir-fry seem really exciting and groundbreaking. Did it work? It's okay...I kind of knew it wouldn't, I just wanted an excuse to use the word "zesty" because I like it. #dealwithit

I also took a glimpse at my sidebar and for a second thought someone had put an episode guide of some nick jr. show for obese kids in place of my previous posts, that's how ridiculous my post titles sound. How did I just notice this now? (In this week's episode, Pizza Palooza! Fat Frankie wakes up to find pizza raining from the sky! It's a Christmas Miracle!) And to think, I haven't even been doing it deliberately. I'm just...that...dorky...? Aw, crap.

Anyways, even if I tried to, I doubt I'll be able to continue thinking of "cool" post titles. There are only so many adjectives in the dictionary that can be used to describe food, and I've already used zesty, so I think it's safe to say that the end is in sight. Sorry to disappoint. (especially you, Fat Frankie)

Not my prettiest dish

But onto my food. Even though I "simply" made vegetable stir-fry, I still thought it tasted awesome. I love it when my mom cooks me broccoli and mu'er, so I kind of already knew what taste I was going for. And I didn't use a recipe at all! I simply put in my vegetables (this time: broccoli, mushrooms, onions and some of my TJ tofu) and added garlic, salt and wei jing. Stop whatever you are doing and alert Alice Waters, because I think I am her protege. Ha ha, ok I'll stop now. 

I was also really craving broccoli for some reason, which is like, the craziest notion ever. The Mom and the Cousin can attest to this, because I wouldn't shut up about how we needed. to. buy. broccoli. NOW. It must be a vegetarian thing, so does this mean I passed initiation?! 

Theory: Any nonliving object looks more appetizing/sophisticated/artistic/valuable when taken in zoom.  #!*~pH0togRapHyY*~*

Difficulty: 2
Willingness to make again: 10 -both taste-wise and out of necessity. Because lets face it, when school starts its going to be really hard to cook cool elaborate recipes, so stir-fry veggies will have to do. And I ain't complaining (yet?).
Over-all: 8 -I mean, it wasn't complicated at all, but that doesn't mean it deserves less points because of it. It's all about taste, and I thought this was awesome.
1. I cooked my garlic first on high heat, and it turned all crispy and brown really fast. Next time, should just cook it with the vegetables all at once.
2. If anything, cook the tofu first because that takes longer
3. Wei Jing is supposed to be added towards the end, and very minimally

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