Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Strawberry Crumble from Hell on Game 1 Day

Oh, man.

It was miraculous enough that I somehow summoned energy out of the zombie-void that is Tuesdays to attempt this strawberry cobbler, and this is the crap what I turn out with. But I guess some failures are inevitable along my cooking journey. Otherwise I'd drop out of school and start working at Chey Panni or something, right? At least the Thunder came back to win game 1 of the finals against the Heat in an awesome 2nd half!!!! Woo!!! 

Anyways, the Parents had already made dinner  today, but I was still running on this new-blogger-high, so I decided to make a dessert. I had managed to exercise today and was feelin' pretty good. Nothing sounded more perfected to end my night than baking a new dish for my blog while watching Game 1. I figured I could then bring it to work tomorrow and impress the Grad Student with some baking prowess of my own (especially after his little stunt with the chocolate pecan pie yesterday. hmph!/yum)

In retrospect, it's pretty pathetic that this recipe is titled "Easy, Foolproof Cobbler." Guessing by the title of this post I'm sure you already know that my cobbler turned out nothing like this:

HERE is what my strawberry cobbler looked like:
I know, right? This looks like a scene from Sweeney Todd. Imagine the look on my face when I opened up that oven. I feel like a mother that popped out a freaking gremlin from her uterus instead of a human baby. Womp. 

Difficulty: 4 -To be perfectly honest, the recipe title does do itself justice (minus the insulting part where it calls me a fool). This recipe is pretty easy and only took me less than two quarters of game 1 to complete. It was really just the 45 minute baking time that took the longest. And that gave me perfect time to really get into the game and cheer my team on, so I was totally cool with that. 
Willingness to make again: 6 -The recipe is easy enough to make, and I know that I can make it better next time. It's just a little discouraging when you put time into baking something and come out with a dish of mashed up brains in a Sparta blood bath. 
Over-all:  I'm going to save this for after I let it refrigerate overnight. I only tried a bite out of the oven though, and if I had to I would give a 5
1) What happened was that the top layer of dough was supposed to be thicker, that way the fruit would not have leaked out and OP-ed it the way it did. (#MITlingo) 
2) The dough itself had a kind of grainy texture to it. This could possibly be because I used cane instead of regular sugar. I also may have needed to bake it longer. In my distress at seeing what looked like the aftermath of a school bombing in my oven, my judgement became rather befuddled for the rest of the night. 
3) The recipe made the dough really sweet. I think I will go a little lighter on the sugar next time. 
4) When melting 1.5 sticks of butter in the microwave, 45 SECONDS IS ENOUGH. Don't go beyond that, trust me. 
5) Maybe use less fruit to minimize potential OP  to dough crust. 

Despite looking like strawberry xifan, the dessert actually tastes pretty good. The dough is just embedded within the strawberry now as opposed to staying layered on top like this:

*(this was obviously pre-bake-massacre) 

And on the bright side, I did get to use a lot of fun analogies and metaphors for this post thanks to my gooey strawberry shitfest cobbler. 

I put the dessert back into the refrigerator for the night. I'm hoping that will take away the mushiness and create a solid, more presentable dessert that I can bring to work tomorrow. I may have to come back to this post and update on how that turns out. 

In the end, I am pretty proud of myself for staying so diligent to my cooking endeavors. Granted, it's only day 2, but for me this is already an accomplishment. Trust me, if you ever see me come home from work, you would see me turn into a sack of poo. Today has definitely been one of the most productive Tuesdays of the summer. 

Oh, and before I go, THUNDER UP! #shamelessfan

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