Monday, June 11, 2012

An Introduction

This is now my second blogger-blog. My first one is my private compilation of thoughts, like a personal online journal, subject to my ever-changing whims, moods, phases and thoughts. Essentially it's kind of a mess, but then again who's life isn't?

This though, is strictly a (yep, you guessed it) one of a kind cooking blog! Huzza! 

Okay yeah, it's been done before. And yes, I plead guilty to having watched Julie&Julia, and I really like taking pictures of food. But I don't see any rules here saying that another Asian girl can't start her own cooking blog just because 9023847912831 people have already done so. This isn't some exclusive social-network-esque club or whatever, so ha.

Why am I doing this? Well, to be honest, I've been inspired to get more serious about cooking...many times. But even though it's an on-and-off kind of relationship, I figure that the times I do miraculously don an apron and actually start cutting things, that I should seriously document it (practically speaking, also good to take notes on what worked and didn't work for future reference). Being a college student on the verge of entering the "real world" (whatever that means), it's ever more important that I enter that world, if ill-equipped,  at least on a full stomach.

I also happen to be a very rare subspecies of Asian that does not eat meat. That's right folks, a wild Asian Vegetarian appeared! In all honesty though, being vegetarian is almost as easy as getting a weed brownie on telegraph ave (don't want people getting the wrong idea of me now) playing hop scotch if you're a Berkeley student. Cool kids here go to the farmers market and know the difference between basil and rosemary. Anything otherwise would be totes u n h i p.

It's really the Asian part that kicks me in the butt (isn't it always? sigh...). While my friends at school are happily planning future tofu parties and indian buffet outings, my parents are here griping at me every. single. day. It's like they think that one day, after asking me once again "WHY AREN'T YOU EATING MEAT YOU'RE SO ANNOYING BLAH BLAH BLAH" I'll magically turn around and say, O-em-Gee you guys are totally right and I DON'T know why I am so stupid to not eat meat, so who's up for steak?!

I'm not really exaggerating, but I'll give my parents their due credit. At least their evolutionary-parental instincts are not letting me starve to death. But still, I think it's a good investment, both for when I am at home and school, to learn how to cook some vegetarian-dishes for myself (Am also pretty sure my food will taste slightly better because I will be substituting parent's annoying asian-gripe-age-vibes with hippie~*l0v3*~*)

So here we go. Here is my attempt me officially abandoning my intermittent, wily ways and entering a serious, more committed relationship with cooking. Cheers~ *

*(note to self: learn to make delicious alcohol drinks as well, seeing as those will always be important no matter what stage of life I am in. Sorry I am not sorry)

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