Sunday, June 17, 2012

Fried Rice with friends

On Friday I decided to debut some of my cooking for my friends, which was big first step for me. Like, taking the training wheels off the bike kind of step. Except, since I was cooking for six people and needed something in bulk, I took it kind of easy by making fried rice. (So maybe it was like taking the training wheels off but still wearing knee and elbow pads).

But I was excited. I really wanted to take pictures of my friend's ecstatic faces as they munched on the greatest fried rice they have ever had the glory of munching on. I was ready for my fried rice to bring tears of eternal gratefulness to their eyes, all of which would be captured and forever stored in my own personal reserve of ego. (and because I love my friends and wanted to feed them something yummy. Yeah, that too)

Too bad none of that happened.

Not that my friend's didn't like the fried rice. They all seemed to like it, although that could just be politeness. I just forgot to take pictures. And I tasted the rice, and it tasted like any other fried rice. That's when I remembered that what I was cooking was really just, fried rice, and not like, edible pieces of Jesus. But whatever, potaytoe potahtoh.  #realitycheck

Anyways, while I still had my recipe out, I listened a lot to what my parents had to say too. (I think the day I start cooking without my laptop out is the day I go from the two-wheeler to profesional motorcycle racer) I mean, they would have some fried rice cooking experience I would think, if we're going to go with stereotypes and what not. Ha ha, but no, they actually do know how to make fried rice, and I would trust their expertise over some white person's blog. *

* (No offense! Skinny Taste is actually an awesome blog. It's very health conscious, which I appreciate. Especially when I am basking in self-loathing after going to toscanini's again and getting the double instead of single scoop, again. Granted, I don't think perusing healthy website is the same as actually eating a healthy diet. But, I digress #sorryimnotreallysorry).

Some important tidbits from my parents:
-add wei jing
-fried rice is best with left over rice.
-soy sauce is optional
-if I feel lazy about using fresh carrot (which we happened to have left over), frozen carrot pieces are available
-corn (frozen, ready to made corn is awesome)
-lots. of. salt. none of that "4.36 tablespoons in a half" nonsense in our asian kitchen! just add a healthy thin layer of salt to cover the entire pan; this is a general rule for most if not all dishes)

Difficulty: 3
Willingness to make again: 10
Over-all: 8
-feel like it could have used more salt. And FRIED TOFU! Everything in life can use a little more tofu.

This time I followed more tips from le-chef-de-papa (yea, I just combined 3 different languages. it's not stupid it's called being c u l t u r e d) and pre-prepared my ingredients. oooOOOOooo #fancy

The Dad made mojitos for us all again. Gotta say, I am a big fan and avid supporter of my dads new found obsession with drink making. MMmmmMM! It was also hilarious because my dad literally thought my friend's parents would sue him for letting their kids drink in our house. God forbid!

Here is a picture of what edible pieces of Jesus might look like

Over-all dinner. Also made the avacado dip again, but it didn't turn out as flavorful because we used regular eggs instead of my moms pre-flavored ones. But I think it was still good, just need to add more salt. God, now I sound like the over-played wailings of Gotye (somebody I uuuuused to knooOOooow +shoot self+ )

 Despite being kind of "jing zhang," I am glad I got to cook for my friends.  Even at the risk of potential law-suit. It's something I will definitely be doing again, especially when I go back to school.

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