Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Reconciliation Cheesecake

I'm sure everyone remembers what sparked my heated feud with beans (still in stages of plotting revenge). But later that night, I whipped together a cheesecake that made things a little bit more alright (cheesecake = instant happiness = not diabetes)
This is me while I am eating cheesecake 

Looking back, I see the chickpea incident as a culminating point. Prior to it, I think I was in the honeymoon phase with cooking. You know, that phase where abominations like "Bennifer" or "Robandra" are born, and the subject of what shade of blue your significant other loves is suddenly the most enthralling story that needs to be shared with the entire freaking universe?  Urgh, who doesn't hate those people.

 Except my honeymoon involved obsessive reading of cooking blogs every 10 minutes and serious delusions of grandeur. What a healthy relationship! Do you also hear those wedding bells? (DISCLAIMER: kids, if these symptoms are happening to you or toward an actual human being: get. out. now.) 

just remember this is fat free cream cheese

But then you get into the first fight, and you discover that your significant other is an actual, flawed human being that has tantrums/pet peeves/farts just like everyone else, or,  you dump a whole cup of raw chickpeas into a skillet and try to fry them. Either way, there's always something that rings the honeymoon to an end and brings both parties back to ground zero-reality. And that's where I finally am.

repeat after me: Fat free fat free fat free

It's not that I hate cooking. It's that I no longer have thoughts of dropping out of school to become an aspiring housewife-cook-blogger-turned-into-movie person. Not that I am trying to hate on anyone, it just isn't the lifestyle for me (I think I just heard The Parents' huge sigh of relief from 40 miles away).

I think as a rather childish person, I can fly really high, but bruise easily too. This chickpea incident could have easily been the deal breaker that swore me off ever touching a measuring cup again. Enter: Reconciliation cheesecake, emphasis on the reconciliation.

This was the first night, right before we put this little baby in the refrigerator 

This cheesecake is more than just a a fluffy, light, beautiful piece of sweet tangy heaven with cookie crust. It was a reminder that cooking and baking is still a fun and worth-while pursuit. So go ahead and wipe those tears, because yes, I will still continue this cooking blog.


...okay, maybe I still have some issues to work out. But whatever, don't hate.

Difficulty: 4.5: since this was a no bake cheesecake, it wasn't that hard to whip together the ingredients. It was just the crust that got tedious because I had to crush four cookies at a time in my small, stone gavel pot until I made 2 cups worth. * (see notes for suggestions)
Willingness to make again: 10. Hello? Have you even been paying attention? Cheesecake? Plus, I used nonfat cream cheese and it still tasted just as good as any other cheesecake, so if you think about it, there really isn't any reason why you shouldn't just consume cheesecake every single day for the rest of your life. Right?

Over-all: 9.8

I want to go to here forevvvuuurr

1) Cousin suggested I try using a blender to crush the cookies next time. I am a little dubious as to whether this will work or not, but it would definitely save a lot of time and is worth a try.
2) It took a long time to initially refrigerate the cake into being solid, so I ended up putting the cheesecake in the freezer over night, and then leaving it in the refrigerator the day-after and onward. I think this was a pretty good tactic, unless you wanted the cheesecake the next day and don't like frozen ones (it's pretty hard). Then just be patient and leave in refrigerator expecting it to take at least all night to solidify. It tastes better after refrigeration anyways because it is softer.
3) Strawberries were an awesome touch. Am excited to play with more fruits.
4) I honestly can't think of anything that was wrong with the cheesecake, I just didn't want to say 10 because it makes me feel awkward. Like, Lebron James claiming he is the king of NBA kind of awkward.

Solidified crust!


^ oh and on that note, OKC lost the NBA championships... BUT, as a young, fresh, super good looking and talented team, there is no doubt that we will be seeing them in future finals. REDEMPTION!

so, THEME OF TODAY'S POST: (insert: deep, dramatic, black guy's voice)
Optimism.  Redemption. Annoying Couples We Can't Stand. PERSEVERANCE! Dreams.

^ Shoot, maybe my blog can be turned into a movie...

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