Monday, June 11, 2012

Vietnamese Noodles, MOJITOS!- with a Steak Guest Appearance

So the Cousin has been here with us the past couple of weeks, and so with the Parents all three of them have been heavily feeling the absence of meat. Am I supposed to feel bad just for choosing this certain life style? I can't say I feel guiltless, but I am trying to manage as it is.

That's why today the Cousin decided to cook some nice juicy steaks for everyone, minus me. And because this steak is one of her specialties (I've actually had it the last time she came over, back when I was still carnivorous. It's pretty darn delicious), I've decided it would be a shame if it didn't make an appearance on my blog:

For myself (and family) I made vietnamese noodle salad. Unfortunately, what was supposed to be a cold-noodle salad turned into fried noodles. But it still tasted pretty good! 

Difficulty: 4 -honestly all you have to do is boil vermicelli noodles and then take some time to chop up whatever vegetables you want to add in. It's really not hard. The tricky part occured when boiling the noodles (see notes)
Desire to make again: 7.7 -I want to try the actual cold-salad version!
Over-all: 6
1) Mom helped me boil the noodles, but we discovered that they were too hard and not ready. Apparently these rice noodles are boiled in a special way that I will need to take note of the next time I make this 
2) Need to make more sauce. Also, maybe add more salt to it too because I ate this dish with some of my dads spicy-sauce to give it an extra kick. 
3) Even if I DO fry it again in the future (because today's fried version was still pretty good) I should add the mint and basil in AFTER when it is still raw because then they won't lose their flavor

*these pictures were taken before we discovered the noodles were too hard and had to re-fry them. The fried noodles had a more brownish color.

On a side note: I got this recipe from, which, if you notice is what I named my blog after! I am not going to go all Julia-Child on this though and vow that I will cook through every single vegetarian recipe on this site, because "frankly I couldn't give a damn!" (<-- I know that's a famous movie quote but am now forgetting where it is from. Still seemed apt though. Ha ha) I will admit that I do love the site. I think it is my favorite recipe site for sure, and so I think from now on most of my recipes will be coming from there. But am not going to make any promises, because like vowing to lose weight, it only ends in disappointment and very repetitive new years resolutions. 

Since we bought lots of mint for my noodle recipe, the Dad decided to make us mojitos, which was awesome because 1. mojitos are awesome and 2. it totally fit the sunny weather. It was adorable also watching him sit in the corner learning how to make mojitos from a youtube video. Despite not having an ice crusher the drink was deeeee-licious. And so easy to make! Drinking rum with the Parents also makes it 10x cooler in my opinion. 

Desire to drink again: 100 

Thanks dad!

Over-all dinner.

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