Thursday, November 8, 2012

(Upgraded) Moar Salads for Moar Days

Lately, the only thing I've been eating more than salads are my own words. 
I knoooow, I said I was going to stop relying on the cheater's salad and actually make more "real" foods. And I knooow, technically since midterms are on hold I don't reeeally have that much of an excuse. And yeeees, I said I was never going to invest in buying the ingredients necessary to making more legit salads because I was content to buying them instead. 
I even said how I probably was going to backtrack on that very statement as I was saying it and here I am, doing just that. Do I know myself well or what? 

But look at that! Look at all that free lettuce I got from a club meeting! Indeed I did shamelessly carry that entire tray home. I couldn't help laughing when houseless people on the street immediately asked me to spare some of my free food. I'm pretty sure they wouldn't want a tray full of rabbit food, let's be real. 
With this sudden flux of greens added to my fridge, I had no choice but to invest in some ingredients for salad. This is the calling of the college student that must always be answered. It is in my nature; natural selection practically dictates it to be so. Starving cheap college student + free student is a no-brainer equation.

So I bought some sunflower seeds. And shredded carrots. And a can of motherfuckinchickpeas!!!!! And started cubing/frying my baked tofu (which miraculously was also still good after being in my fridge for eons. #pleasedontjudge). The free greens also came with a box of blue cheese and dressing. 


And wala! All the sudden I'm packing these bomb-diggity salads for lunch every other day, and they are delicious!! 

Why did I ever bother to swear off homemade salads in the first place again???? Why Jennifer, why. 

Obviously, salads can be varied in a bajillion in a half different ways: olive oil, balsamic, red wine, raspberry vinegar, chickpeas, tofu, fetta or blue cheese, fruity or no fruit, corn or no corn...I will not bore myself/everyone with all the different combinations of salads that I come up with. That just sounds like a nightmare GRE problem that would make me cry on the spot. 


The POINT is, salads are a thing now. Homemade salads are a thing and they are a FANTASTIC thing, and it's just one of the trillion things that can once again be added to the never ending list of things Jennifer refused to partake in for no sensible reason but then changed her mind on.  Let me just say "things" one more time.I am SERIOUSLY a five year old. Except I'm a five year old who likes her cake, eats it too, AND THEN MAKES HERSELF A HOME MADE SALAD. Make sense? 

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