Sunday, November 18, 2012

Pre Art Murmur Potluck!

On the first Friday of every month, Oakland opens up its streets and transforms into Art Murmur. It is this crazy street art festival that is alive with music, food trucks, galleries and people. All the galleries stay open late and offer free admission, so you can peruse through all the different pieces. And on the streets there are different stages and live music bands on every block, food trucks of all kinds, multiple stalls selling everything from anarchist tshirts to "snoop dog cookies." It's all kinds of crazy-awesome, and I finally got to go with my group of friends!

What I love about it the most is the *energy* of the entire place. People from all over the community are at Art Murmur, and it is very clear that Art Murmur isn't just a "cool thing to do on a friday night," they totally take command of their space. Everywhere is filled with locals, not tourists. It's kind of grungy, kind of druggy, very eclectic and vibrant. It's all very Oakland.

 I also happen to really like looking at art. If not prodded along by somebody, I could end up staying at one particular art museum for over 40 minutes because I spend so much time absorbing one piece. It isn't because I have any artistic ability whatsoever, I just like having the art slowly wash over my senses. I take it in slowly and piece together all the qualities of the art, how it works together, and its holistic impressions. A first impression can barely catch a glimpse of what the art piece actually is, in my opinion. And I feel like a lot of art museums give off pretentious vibes. Like, look at my splotch of red on this ginormous canvas, it is worth 32328945893 dollars because it is so deep and profound! But Art Murmur is more about local talent and artisans, and while the prices are exorbitantly high anyways because all art is pricey, something about perusing local art museums is just more refreshing.

Anyway, before heading out to Art Murmur I proposed my friends and I all gather at my apartment for a potluck dinner as opposed to eating out. I figure all college kids want the same things: to spend time with friends and to save their bucks. We're just too lazy to coordinate it and that is how we all end up either sitting in our kitchens alone watching another episode of 30 Rock, or eating out every single night. Not that there is anything wrong with both of those dinner options!

Well, the potluck turned out fantastic. And it was pretty effortless to throw together, because my friends are phenomenal, that's why.

I made my lettuce wraps, because by this point its one of the dishes I have the most confidence in making. And they were a SLAM-DUNK. I think everyone really liked them, because their reactions closely resembled how I was when I first tried the dish over summer. It made me really happy that I was able to feed my good friends some good food. :)

Amy came and brought her butternut squash soup with her, and I pretty much died. Hot, thick creamy soup is heaven to me! I really, REALLY, really need to learn how to make the group from her now.

Rohit made indian spiced potatoes.

Siddharth didn't have time to cook so he helped me buy the heart of romaine lettuce, and brought wine and the Trader Joes flourless  chocolate cake ( <3 <3 <3 <3 <3)

Kevin didn't bring anything because I was supposed to teach him how to  cook but ended up just doing it myself. Oops!

Michelle brought more booze. Every shindig needs more booze. 

All-in-all, this was probably the most well fed any of us had been in a loooong time. Hey, don't give us that look, we're just a bunch of silly ragtag kids! But honestly, the meal left us feeling so happy, hearty, nourished and full. Our bellies were just the perfect amount of full before we tackled the cold and headed out to Art Murmur.

Happy friday indeed~ (:

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