Sunday, November 18, 2012

NOT CHAO MEIN [improved] Chao Mian

Hunger Games apt 309 update: groceries in fridge are sparse as ever. As in, nonexistent. It is now REALLY the hunger games, sans giant fireballs.
The thing is, with Thanksgiving break fast approaching, I have decided that I refuse to buy groceries until after I return from break. Which means I need to make do with whatever I have left. #jenniferlogic Survival of the fittest, amiright?

Luckily, the hodgepodge of foods that I DO have left, are sufficient enough to make Asian noodles! And they turned out surprisingly great. I think my best dishes come out of my most desperate moments. When resources are constrained and I am forced to think outside the box on how best to feed myself. Darwin knew what he was talking about. 

All I did was
1) steam/cook brocoli
2) fry with garlic + onions + pao dofu (I added the pao dofu really early on so that it would become super soft and absorb all the flavor. GOLD STAR!)
3) added cooked noodles
4) seasoned everything with salt + soy sauce + seasme oil
5) coated everything with egg at the end.

The most planning I had to do for this dish was figure out what the best order of adding ingredients was. It brought me dejavu to the time when I was still learning how to make fried rice, and the Moms was explaining ingredient-placing-logic to me. It made me see how far I've come since then, which is always a rewarding feeling. I understood that the onions and pao dofu should go first, because they take the longest. I took care to add the broccoli towards the mid-end since technically, they were already cooked. And I knew that eggs had to be added at the very last step because they cook the fastest.

Awesomely enough, the noodles also lasted me more than one meal. And they turned out sooooo delicious! And this time was better than the first time I made asian noodles with the mushroom, so I am just going to stick to this onion+brocoli combination from now on. I was able to feed some to Shampa later that night, and she also gave her thumbs up of approval. I hope this redeems me from that horrible brocoli-pasta I made her eat earlier this semester.. *cringe*  Maybe this is a sign that I should just stick with my own culture, AKA seasme oil+soy sauce. least hunger games-mode doesn't automatically mean eating ramen+frozen foods every night. I mean, if I were really in hunger games I have a feeling I could easily be killed off first, so at least I'd have the best last meal out of everyone else? priorities...

Difficulty: 4
Willingness to make again: 10!
Over-all: 9

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