Sunday, November 18, 2012

Overdosing Indian Food-Cauliflower

No, just no. No more indian food for me. 
And it is nobody's fault but my own.

There are so many old adages out there, that a little something can go a long way...that less is more...
So why on EARTH did I not listen to any of them and create this abomination of a dish that is sadly being disguised as "indian food" purely because I used curry powder and cumin? 

In a nutshell, this is me cooking indian food:

It started out well enough...I was inspired after eating Amy's awesome indian rendition, and decided that I could easily mimic the dish on my own with the rest of my cauliflower. I began "roasting" it in the skillet with extra water, and even added quinoa to it to give it an extra something. Turns out, quinoa is a great additive when creating makeshift indian dishes, because its soft mushy texture resembles curry. 


The seasoning is where everything went so, so wrong. Like in Gilmore Girls seasons all-of-them are-amazing before Lori becomes this weird, rebellious Yale-ee chick who dates a loser named Logan and steals a boat. God, those seasons were the worst. 


Well, I decide that it would be a smart idea to DOUSE curry powder and cumin into my food. Just, MAKE IT RAIN with the spices like im freakin, I don't know, Christopher Columbus spreading ALL the smallpox into every country he ever stepped foot in. I don't even know! 

In all seriousness, indian food is really tricky. Those spices...they are really, really strong. I think only a real Indian mama would know the intricate balances of spice-to-dish ratio. Not some silly chinese girl who has absolutely no idea what she is doing.  And from this experience, my taste buds have become traumatized from ever wanting cumin. So it isn't all indian food that I can no longer eat (I will eat good indian food any time, any day), I just don't think I am up for any makeshift indian cooking anytime soon. much cumin...*shudder* 

Difficulty: 4 
Willingness to make again: 2 / 7 (when my PTMIFT (post trying to make indian food trauma) subsides, I would like to try again) 
Over-all: 3 
1. Quinoa! : great substitute for curry 
2. LESS. IS. MORE. -easy on the spices
3. Potatoes would also be good in this dish 
4. Easy on the red pepper flakes too

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