Saturday, November 17, 2012

Mason Jar Lunches

They say that you can't plan for creativity, it hits you unexpectedly. Or in my case, it hits you when you are mad booking it to your 9:30 AM class and need to pack a lunch because the giant hole in your wallet is only getting bigger by the minute.

In the mad college-scramble of trying to conjure something edible out of a barren wasteland of a refrigerator (Sadface. Why do grocery stores in Berkeley have to be so.god.damn.expensive?!), I discovered: a bag of frozen broccoli, a bag of frozen corn, and some sun flower seeds.

And behold: Steamed brocoli w/ corn and sunflower feeds: garnished with olive oil, salt and garlic powder.  

This is all very college student meets Michael Pollan, don'tcha think? 

It's quickly becoming one of my favorite lunches though. My room mate's awesome steamer makes cooking the veggies so easy. And the mason jar is more for utility than hipster points, believe me. 

Apparently, you aren't supposed to microwave tupperware...which I sadly discovered the hard way (what other way IS there for me to learn my lesson though, honestly? The pile of contorted tupperware in my cabinet is a depressing reminder of this fact). But you CAN microwave mason jars, because aside from being a pin/tumblr fad, they're muddafuqin badass jars of GLASS. So yeah, 
PROs: microwavable, environmentally friendly (reusing materials!), makes you look trendy 
CONs: makes your backpack heavy :( 


What if in the future I become some really cool, hip mom that packs her kids mason jar lunches instead of brown bag lunches? Would the other kids make fun of my child? Haha just random thoughts I am having and sharing for no reason. I bet by the time I have kids, mason jars  will be so "retro" that they will be thrown into the closet of unforgivable things, like permed hair and eighties music. More reason for me to enjoy them now then!

Difficulty: 0
Willingness to make again: every day 
Over-all: 8
1. Great variability! Can be mixed up with lots of different vegetables. 
2. Can also chop up veggie patties to add extra substance! (Next time!) 

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